Ramsay MacDonald Pty. Ltd., was established in 1962 and today represents 59 internationally renowned textile machinery manufacturers and accessory suppliers. Over the past 25 years a very strong sale and after-sales base has been established by Ramsay McDonald Pty. Ltd., which has enabled the company’s growth to continue at a steady rate, with offices in Melbourne, Adelaide, Sydney and Auckland, New Zealand.  The company  has engaged in aggressive marketing/sales in all ares of textile manufacturing and today has installations in all major textile centres throughout Australia and New Zealand.


Our philosophy has been shaped very simply a commitment to our clients through specialisation. This includes bringing the members of the textile industry the highest levels of expertise available within the world.


In 25 years Ramsay McDonald Australia Pty. Ltd. has placed much emphasis on high technology, this is realised in all member companies where manufacturing and electronic equipment employed is considered the 1990’s state of the art. With a from commitment to “Technology”, the Ramsay McDonald Group continues to re-invest in the new technological developments each year.  All divisions of Ramsay McDonald Group are equipped with up-to-the-minute communications systems, including main-frame computer, PC computer and word processing, micro-processors, colour prediction systems, machine data computers, facsimile and telex, all of which ensure a comprehensive inter-company communication system.